omphaloskepsis : a young woman confronts her umbilical obsession with uncanny results.

Sci-Fi, Comedy | 9 min.

Starring Rhea Amin, Charlie Stewart, Noelle Austin

Written & Directed by Will Berry
Produced by Zander Kim
Executive Producer Ginny Liberto
Sound Designer Max Sternlicht
Director of Photography Polina Zakharova
Edited by Logan Cody
Composer Karya Sezener
Presented by Brown Motion Pictures in association with the Brown Arts Initiative.

Official Trailer

Awards & Selections

Best Student Film (College & Post-Grad); Nominee, Best Local Film | Sanford International Film Festival 2018
Nominee, Best Student Film; Nominee, Best Editing - Short | FilmQuest 2018
Nominee, Best Escapism Film | Tampa ay Underground Film Festival 2018


Other Official Selections:
Orlando Film Festival • Maine International Film Festival • Emerge Film Festival • New Hampshire Film Festival • SENE Film Festival • Trinity Film Festival • Defy Film Festival • Online New England Film Festival

Will Berry’s short has the potential to make you drunk without drinking, to make you high without smoking...
— Vlad A.G., Feel The Reel International Film Festival