General Rates

Camera Rates

Camera operation

• Trained to operate various
  camera models including:
  Canon C100, C300, C500, 7D,
  Panasonic GH5, GH4, GH3

• Equipment provided by client

Day Rate: $500 (10hr max)
Half-Day:  $300 (5hr max)


Equipment provided:
• Panasonic GH5 or DVX200
  (both 4K capable)
• Lights: 3 x ikan LED panels,
  Aputure Light Storm
• Audio: Zoom H6, Sennheiser
  MKE 600 boom, 2 x Sennheiser
  wireless LAV mics

Day Rate: $600 (10hr max)
Half-Day:  $360 (5hr max)


SteadiCam certified
Equipment Provided:
• Mōvi M5 3-axis Gimbal
• Panasonic GH5 (4K resolution)


Day Rate: $700 (10hr max)
Half-Day:  $420 (5hr max)


SteadiCam Certified
Price upon request


Color Grading

• Professional color correction and color grading
• Trained in DaVinci Resolve
• UltraHD 4K output available

(or priced by project)


• Professional editing on Adobe Premiere Pro CC
• Also proficient in Final Cut Pro
• UltraHD 4K editing & output available

(or priced by project)

Legal Depositions

• Professional time-stamped video
• Concise timetable notating
• Digital recording
• MiniDV backup tapes available
• 4K ultra-high definition upgrade available

$200 Set-up fee (includes first 2 hours)
$60/hr (billed by the 1/2 hour)

Half-Day minimum rates apply to all non-packages.
All rates are priced for projects within 50 miles of Portland, ME. For further locations, a driving fee of 58¢/mile will be applied.